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Manage your holiday home


Let us manage your property as a holiday home:
It is a proven fact that you can make the most money off your property if you rent it out as a holiday home.

In order to realize this, the property must be fully booked all year round. Do not underestimate how much work this can be, especially during busy periods it can cause a lot of stress.

No matter how good you do your job, you always depend on the wishes of your guests. By working with us you can leave all these time-consuming tasks up to us and let us manage your property, while you earn the money.
For a relatively small percentage, we can manage, maintain and ensure that your property is fully booked all year round.

Our tasks:
Promotion and customers:
Our company is approached on a daily basis by customers looking for a holiday home. In addition, we receive new customers every day, who approach us via our website or other channels that we manage.

If a holiday guest or winter tourist has a good experience with a house, often he will book the same house the following year(s).
We can proudly say that we have a very good occupancy percentage from the 1st year on. Of course, this can only improve after the 1st year until achieving an occupancy of 90%.

Your approval:
We do not just allow any guest in the properties we manage. We have extensive experience renting out our properties, so we know which target groups can cause problems and we will, therefore, refuse these potential clients.
Nonetheless, every reservation will, if desired, first be discussed with you as a homeowner. Once you have confirmed that you wish to proceed with a reservation, we will confirm this to the client and not any sooner.
This way you can control who your guests are. Or if you prefer, you can also give us full confidence to ensure that everything runs smoothly and not having to worry about anything else.

Customer service:
The service we offer our customers often reaches farther than most people expect.

We are of the opinion, as administrators, that we have the task of ensuring the guests have the best possible time.
We have noticed that our service is highly appreciated and even when a guest was not completely satisfied with the property,
he comes back the following year to rent something else due to our excellent service.

Our guests come to Spain for their holiday and usually, they do not speak the Spanish language. This can be difficult sometimes for our guests.
Therefore, we provide help for our guests when it comes to translating, arranging and possibly advising.
Everything needs to work properly so in case we are called in the evening by a customer because, for example, the TV does not work,
we will send our technical service for a suitable solution.
We are also available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in the event of calamities, so our guests feel safe abroad at all times.

Check-in of guests
On behalf of our company we welcome our guests and check them for their holiday home. We welcome the guests and bring them to the house.
Here we will explain all the ins and outs that the guests need to know.
Together with the guests we also check the inventory list of the household, after which the keys are handed over and their holiday can begin.

Check-out of guests
As soon as the rental period has expired, we will stop by to check out the guests.
The inventory list is checked again, and the keys returned.

If guests check out on time, we usually have 4 hours to clean everything before the new guests arrive.

We work with professional cleaning and linen service companies.

Maintenance and malfunctions
It often happens that there is a defect in the house, household goods or equipment. Usually, this is something small like the satellite dish that needs adjusting, internet or TV that do not work, etc.
For this, we have our own technical service.
If necessary, we will come by ourselves in the evening to solve any problem.
In case of an emergency, we can even be reached at night.

The costs of our technical service are relatively low but must ultimately be paid by the owner. These costs are usually deducted from the rental amount to be received.
For any action that may entail costs, we will ask your permission in advance.

Major maintenance

Every property occasionally needs major maintenance. For example, painting the house or a roof that needs renewing.
We can also help you with this, requesting several offers from companies that we know to be trustworthy or that you recommended us.
We will present to you the offers and after you have chosen the best option, we will supervise the renovation.

You keep control over your home at all times.
Unfortunately, there are also less reliable property managers around. These managers take advantage of the homeowners that live abroad and/or cannot keep an eye on the property.
It is very easy for these managers to rent out your property without letting you know and making you lose money.

This will never happen to us!
To prove to you, as owner, that you can trust us, we offer the possibility of placing security equipment for a relatively low price.
This way, you can see exactly if someone enters your property that should otherwise not be there.

You will receive an app for your telephone and / or PC where you will receive a message as soon as something is wrong in your home.
The options of equipment we offer are:

• Motion detector: you receive a message as soon as someone enters your property.

• Temperature display: you can see the temperature at all times.

• Temperature differences: this indicates whether a window or door was left open.

• Water detector: this indicates if your floor gets flooded.

• Camera: cameras can be installed. Of course, these cameras cannot be placed inside the property due to the privacy of our customers. However, you can view the entrance to the property, such as front door, gate, etc.

• Doorbell camera: as soon as you receive a call at the door, you can see who is at the door from anywhere in the world. These images can also be stored so that you can watch them any time you need.

An additional advantage, for you as an owner, in case of burglary, is that we will go directly to the house to see what is happening. This way your home has extra security.

In short, our tasks are:

• We ensure your home is fully booked.
• We take care of the check-in and check-out of the guests.
• We check the inventory list to see if everything in the house is as it should be.
• We are the direct contact for the guests.
• We are available 24/7 for emergencies.
• We take care of maintenance and repairs.
• We provide instruction folders written specifically for your property.
• We take care of the financial part and guarantee you receive your money on time.
• We arrange the security equipment for your home, so that no one can enter your property without your knowledge.

If you have any further wishes, we can always discuss them. We are very flexible, and we are sure we can come to an arrangement.

Our commission
For the complete package, which means, managing your home and make sure your property is booked, we ask 20% of the rental income.

If you book the guests yourself and we only do the management, we ask 15% of the rent.

This may seem like a lot of money, but we will take care of everything for you. Unfortunately, this work is very stressful and intensive.
Especially because our customers expect a certain quality, we are frequently called with all kind of requirements.
We feel confident in saying that we work more professionally than most management companies that we have encountered in this region so far.

What makes your property suitable for renting it as a holiday home
Every house can be made suitable for renting as a holiday home. However, several conditions must be met:

• House and furniture must be in a reasonable condition.
• Your property must be in possession of a tourist number. You need this number to rent it out. If you do not have this, the Spanish government can issue high fines. We can help you with the application for this number, the costs are about 200 euros.
• You must prove that you are the owner of the property by submitting the deed of sale.
• There must be sufficient household items such as crockery, cutlery, kettle, coffee maker, etc.
• Internet must be available
• TV with at least Spanish, Dutch and English channels.
• Fairly new linen available
If we manage your property as a holiday home, we guarantee to rent out your property during the high season. This does not only mean the summer months but also during Easter holidays, Pentecost, Christmas, New Year's and national holidays.

Winter tourism
In addition to these guaranteed high season days, the intention is to let the property to guests that want to stay for the winter.
These are usually people of a certain age from abroad. The property is often rented out for a few weeks or months.
Usually, if a winter tourist likes the place, he or she will book it again for the year after. That is why, the longer we manage the property,
the more we can assure it is fully booked throughout the year.

Once your property is fully booked during the high season, supplemented by one or two winter visitors, you will receive more profit than if you let the property on a long-term basis.

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