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Letting My House

Let your property for long term rental or as a holiday home

You have made the choice to generate income with your property, but you do not know exactly how. On this page, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of renting your property for the long term or as a holiday home.

To begin with, lets shed some light on the following concepts:

Long-term rental

By long-term rental, we mean a period of at least 12 months. This is intended for people who are looking for a home to live in.
Depending on your wishes as to the owner, a 1 or multi-year contract is offered. After this contract duration, both the landlord and tenant will decide whether the contract is extended or not.

Potential tenants can be screened, and proof will be requested to confirm that they are able to meet the financial obligations throughout the rental period.

Short-term rental / winter rental

Short-term rental implies a rental period of a few months. This is mainly done by winter tourists.
These winter tourists are mostly retired people who want to stay in Spain during the winter months. On our website, you can find the short-term rentals and the holiday rentals under the category holiday homes.

Holiday rental

Holiday rentals are short periods from 1 day up to a few weeks. The advantage of this rental method is guaranteed to get the most profit off your home.
Especially in the summer months and during other peak periods you can ask 4 times the price of long-term rentals. During the remaining months, the price is still considerably higher than for long-term rent. However, the clue is to book your holiday home as much as possible throughout the year to achieve the desired profit.
To achieve this, you can let your property as a winter home for several months, which is always outside the high season. We can arrange this for you.

The advantage of holiday rentals compared to long-term is therefore the higher rental income.

The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that holiday rentals require a lot of work. Guests can arrive at any time of the day, even at night, and they need to be checked in your home. There has to be good planning of schedules between the arriving and departing guests. After they leave, there is often only a short time available to prepare the house for the next guest.
You must clean, wash the linen and do an inventory of all the things in the house. If something is missing or broken, it needs to be replaced because the guests expect everything to be in perfect condition. After all, they have been looking forward to their holiday all year long.

If something is wrong, the administrator is called to solve the problem, whether it is outside working hours or not. Even if the preparation is well done, there can always be a reason why the administrator has to visit the property.

In short, letting out your home for a holiday rental instead of long-term might generate more income but it is also much more labor-intensive.
We can help you with everything, from booking your home to arranging all additional management tasks that are necessary to make your holiday home a success.

If you want, you can make an appointment with us so that we can better inform you, free of any obligation.

Click here for more information about what we can do for you regarding promoting and managing your holiday home.

Click here for more information about what we can do for you regarding letting your property for the long term.

Buy/For Sale

  • Villa Benidorm€ 687.700,00

    Villa Benidorm

    Benidorm nice authentic Spanish villa, furnished and with a swimming pool that can be covered in cold months and can again be opened up during summer time. Garden (low maintenance), covered terrace, situated in Colonia de Madrid, Benidorm....

    • bedrooms: 2
    • bathrooms: 2
    • property size: 110m²
    see location
  • Beautiful villa for sale in Altea€ 495.000,00

    Beautiful villa for sale in Altea

    This beautiful and big villa in Altea is available for sale. It has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A spacious kitchen and living room with fire place and glass doors that access the terrace. The house has a pool and...

    • bedrooms: 5
    • bathrooms: 2
    • property size: 286m²
    see location
  • Villa in Albir with private swimmingpool and guesthouse€ 400.000,00

    Villa in Albir with private swimmingpool and guesthouse

    Villa in Albir with private swimming pool and a guesthouse. At the 800 m2 plot you will find the 180 m2 villa with a living room with fireplace, full equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. And a guesthouse 60 m2...

    • bedrooms: 4
    • bathrooms: 3
    • property size: 240m²
    see location

Long term rent

  • Beautiful renovated apartment in Albir for rent€ 950,00 / month

    Beautiful renovated apartment in Albir for rent

    This beautiful apartment in Albir has just been renovated and is available for long term rent. The location is perfect, in the centre of Albir and at walking distance from the beach. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 luxury...

    • bedrooms: 2
    • bathrooms: 2
    • property size: -
    see location
  • Spectacular new villa in Altea Hills for rent€ 5.800,00 / month

    Spectacular new villa in Altea Hills for rent

    A spectacular new and modern villa in Altea hills, available for long term rent. Living in style with your family is possible in this villa with 4 design bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The rest of the house is also furnished...

    • bedrooms: 4
    • bathrooms: 7
    • property size: 916m²
    see location
  • Villa for rent in Alfaz€ 2.000,00 / month

    Villa for rent in Alfaz

    This villa is for rent in Alfaz del Pi.This property has a completelly remodeled swimming pool and the areas around it, and the plot is being renovated, creating a beautiful and private garden.The house counts with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms,...

    • bedrooms: 4
    • bathrooms: 3
    • property size: 250m²
    see location

Holiday rentals

  • Villa Suerte in Daya Vieja€ 475,00 / week

    Villa Suerte in Daya Vieja

    Luxurious villa, holiday rental, in the small village of Daya Vieja, in Costa Blanca, Spain. The villa in Daya Vieja is only a half hour drive from Alicante, at a very quiet and private location just 500 metres outside the...

    • bedrooms: 3
    • bathrooms: 1
    • property size: -
    see location
  • First line apartment in Benidorm€ 75,00 / day

    First line apartment in Benidorm

    This renovated apartment in front of the beach can be your holiday home. Open the big sliding doors and enjoy the incredible view. The apartment is small but very cozy and has everything you need, as fully equipped kitchen, 1...

    • bedrooms: 1
    • bathrooms: 1
    • property size: 48m²
    see location
  • Small cosy bungalow for holiday rental in Benidorm€ 43,00 / day

    Small cosy bungalow for holiday rental in Benidorm

    This apartment in Benidorm can be rented as a holiday home. It is perfect for a family with children, as it is located in a safe urbanization, which has a lot to offer for the little ones. The urbanization consists...

    • bedrooms: 2
    • bathrooms: 1
    • property size: 85m²
    see location
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