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Nice apartment in Arabi Park in Alfaz del Pi
Nice apartment in Arabi Park in Alfaz del Pi
This modern apartment in Arabi Park in Alfaz del Pi is available for holiday rental. It ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 42,00 / dayMore Information
Nice holiday apartment for rent in Alfaz del Pi
Nice holiday apartment for rent in Alfaz del Pi
This sunny corner apartment is available for holiday rental in Alfaz del Pi. On the second ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 550,00 / weekMore Information
Tony-Unique house in Albir for holiday rental
Tony-Unique house in Albir for holiday rental
This unique house in Albir is the perfect place for a holiday in Costa Blanca. It is ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 295,00 / weekMore Information
Beautiful Duplex in Alfaz del Pi with panoramic view for rent
Beautiful Duplex in Alfaz del Pi with panoramic view for rent
This spacious duplex has the perfect location, close to everything you need like ...

bedrooms: 3
bathrooms: 2
property size: 116m²
€ 800,00 / week
Beautiful mediterranean house for holiday rental in Polop
Beautiful mediterranean house for holiday rental in Polop
This beautiful Mediterranean house in Polop is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 60,00 / day
Villa for holiday renting in Calpe
Villa for holiday renting in Calpe
This villa is available for holiday rent in Calpe.One of the most beautiful villas in the ...

bedrooms: 3
bathrooms: 3
property size: -
€ 150,00 / day
Penthouse for rent in Altea
Penthouse for rent in Altea
This property is for rent in Altea.Exactly located in Altea La Vella, this wonderful ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 2
property size: 95m²
€ 65,00 / day
Apartment for rent in Altea
Apartment for rent in Altea
This apartment is for rent in AlteaIn one of the most beautiful areas of Altea, we find ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 1
property size: 80m²
€ 650,00 / week
D128-Nicely decorated appartment in Albir
D128-Nicely decorated appartment in Albir
This cosy 1-bedroom apartment in Albir is part of a beautiful building complex with a big ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 69,00 / day
Center of Albir, beautiful 2-bedroom apartment
Center of Albir, beautiful 2-bedroom apartment
If you want to spend your holiday in Albir, you can rent this apartment in the centre of ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 2
property size: -
€ 40,00 / day
Ricardo-Apartment for holiday rent in Albir
Ricardo-Apartment for holiday rent in Albir
This modern 1-bedroom apartment in Albir is the perfect holiday house. It is decorated ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 50,00 / day
Comfortable apartment for rent in Benidorm
Comfortable apartment for rent in Benidorm
This comfortable apartment in Benidorm in the building Gemelos 26 is available for holiday ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 74,00 / day


What to do in Alfaz del Pi

Things To Do in Alfaz del Pi

If you're looking for an unforgettable holiday experience, be sure to consider Alfaz Del Pi. Located on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain, Alfaz del Pi is also known as L'Alfàs del Pi. Alfaz Del Pi is a spectacular tourist attraction that sees more than 50 000 visitors each year and houses up to 90 different nationalities. Its diversity and top-notch attractions make for an excellent setting to unwind while enjoying your holiday. There is no lack of things to do in this small town. Especially if you like wine, culture and sports, be it indoors or outdoors. This is why many consider Alfaz del Pi to be worth a visit. The diversity of cultures is one of the many things that make learning about and exploring Alfaz Del Pi worthwhile. The region enjoys a Mediterranean climate; hot summers and mild winters.

There are countless fun activities to undertake in this town, either with your family, your friends or by yourself.

Alfaz del Pi winery Bodega Mendoza

Bodegas Mendoza

'Bodegas' refers to wine cellars, and Bodegas Enrique Mendoza is an excellent local winery. Who would have thought that grapes grown so close to the ocean would produce such excellent wine? If you would like to try for yourself, you can reserve a tour. In two hours you get a guided walk around the growing fields, and you get to see all the steps of the production process, ending in the renowned 'bodegas de Mendoza'; the wine cellars that host over 1200 barrels of wine that were produced on the land you just toured. Be sure to bring a jacket or sweater for this part of the tour; the cellars are chilly!
The second part of your experience at Bodegas Mendoza consists of a wine tasting. This tasting is set outside, in the lovely gardens of the vineyard. You get to taste a variety of 7 premium wines, which are paired with local delicacies, such as different cheeses, sausage and chocolate. Be sure to bring the entire family. There are special fees for children, and even though they won't be tasting the wine, they will most definitely enjoy the impressive surroundings, the landscape and the fresh air.

Be sure to bring your camera: There will be many Kodak-worthy moments!

Municipal Swimming Pool

The Piscina Municipal is central to the community of Alfaz del Pi.
This is where most locals learn to swim, and some even grow to excel. Naturally, in a place where so many people come into contact with water, be it a swimming pool or the sea, it is crucial that people learn to swim properly. Therefore the Piscina Municipal Alfaz del Pi offers a multitude of affordable swimming courses for all ages and levels. Every summer the municipality organizes 'Initiation to swimming' and 'Improvement' courses for minors, 'Swimming for adults', 'Sports swimming', 'Therapeutic swimming', 'Synchronized swimming' and 'Aquatic Fitness'. These courses are known as both the best and the most affordable in the region. They take about four weeks on average.

Outside the schedule for the classes, this vibrant local meeting point is also open to the general public for old-fashioned swimming pool fun. Entree fees are a bargain, so they shouldn't hold you back. The pool is not only a great place to visit if you want to improve your swimming skills, but it is also perfectly suited if you just want to hang poolside and mingle with the locals.

This pool is on the grounds of the local sports grounds; the Polideportivo Alfaz del Pi.

Sports Fields

Sports are a significant part of Alfaz Del Pi. This beautiful town has excellent and modern sports facilities and much of its social life and tourism revolves around sports. Alfaz del Pi a great place for outdoor activities such as cycling, Nordic walking, paddleboarding, kayaking or hiking. The local sports grounds are also very impressive. 'Campo deportivo' means 'sports field'. The sports fields, or Polideportivo Municipal, offer access to a wide variety of sports for both amateurs and professionals, such as basketball, indoor and outdoor soccer, taekwondo, tennis, martial arts, contact sports, aikido, acrobatic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and cycling to name a few.

Sportsmen and elite athletes come to Alfaz del Pi from all over the world to practice in the magnificent facilities of the sports centre. Top athletes and amateurs alike have made use and continue to make use of the excellent athletics track, the football fields with natural and artificial grass, and the golf and cricket practice field. Basketball lovers can enjoy the luxury of training on the same grounds that renowned teams such as Real Madrid and Valencia Basquet have used. Winter temperatures are considered to be perfect for any kind of training.

The Albir Playa Hotel and Spa is one of the places in Alfaz Del Pi that offer sports facilities and services to make your training as productive as possible. Some of the sports you can engage in while at Albir Playa Hotel include paddle tennis, cycling, handball, tennis, football, golf, among many others. Paddle tennis is one of the newest sports that you can play or learn in Alfaz del Pi. Albir Playa Hotel rents equipment that is necessary for paddle tennis. After a tiresome training on these superb fields, you can let the hotel pamper you in their spa and get to relax your muscles and brain.

Scandinavia Park

Scandinavia Park is a spacious urban park located in the town of Alfaz del Pi.
It is a suitable place for those looking to spend some time outdoors. It a great place for children; there is a playground just for them where they can get rid of any excess energy. The park is an excellent sunny site with beautiful trees that offer shade, where you and your family can spend part of the day; bring a picnic, read a book or enjoy the sunset. Very importantly, there are bathrooms available in the park. Parque Escandinavia also has a pond with fish and turtles; this pond is very popular with the little ones.

It is not uncommon to hold events such as birthday parties in Parque Escandinavia. There are picnic tables that are the ideal setting for organizing a mini party for your family or friends as you visit the town. Scandinavia Park also offers a food café, a barbecue area and a fantastic bar. The staff in the facilities is qualified, skilled and friendly and will assist you in any way possible. It's a park which allows you to enjoy some drinks on the terrace bar while watching your children play. The park opens every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

Skate Park

The Skate Park in Alfaz del Pi is relatively new; after much anticipation, it opened in 2016.
This park is a great place for skaters (skateboard), scooters (scooters) and rollers (inline skates) alike. The skate park has a bowl and concrete pit. There are also urbanized ramps, railing, and stairs for thrilling skating moments. If you have kids who love skating, or you are a skater yourself, this is a place for you to practice and show off your tricks and stunts. Mind you: wearing a helmet is obligatory!

If you are not one to practice these daring sports, this skate park is still worth a visit; admire the skills and the courage of the youngsters who so fearlessly drop into the bowl. The skate park is located next to the police station, in the same area as the other sports fields in Alfaz de Pi.

You could decide to cruise the impressive surrounding sports facilities and obtain some information about the many outdoor and indoor sports activities that are organized here, especially in summer. While you do so, be sure to make a pit stop at one of the restaurants in the neighbourhood for some Spanish delicacies and a refreshing drink.

House of Culture

Casa de Cultura means the House of Culture. Casa Cultura is an emblematic building and the cultural heart of the community.
It is a good place to start exploring the many different aspects of both the local culture and arts scene, as the many international cultures that make up this town. Casa Cultura is a house rich with culture and will leave lovers of art and culture in awe.

La Casa de Cultura hosts congresses, musical performances, dance performances, cinema, concerts, operas, and theatre. Every year, management organizes cultural programs for different months of the year.

The most famous of these events is the annual Film Festival, which usually takes place around mid-July. But the Casa Cultura also hosts Jazz concerts, chamber music and orchestras. In addition, there most often is an exhibition to admire in the exhibition hall of the Casa de Cultura, there are classrooms available for a variety of courses, and there are an auditorium and a library. Casa Cultura is very likely to offer an event or activity that might interest you.

Be sure to stop by the Casa Cultura at the beginning of your trip to get information on any events held; make sure you don't miss a thing!

Alfaz del pi weather

Weather in Alfaz del Pi

Located in Spain's beautiful Costa Blanca, Alfaz del Pi has a cool and semi-arid climate. It's a dry location noted for its hot summers and infrequent rain. The maximum temperatures usually experienced in August, when daytime temperatures can easily top 30 degrees.

January is generally the coldest time of the year, with temperatures in the high teens. July is the month with the most hours of sunshine, while December and January have the least.

July and August have the least precipitation, with most rainfall measured in October. Overall, rainy days are infrequent; there are usually only one or two in all of July and seldom more than seven during the other months of the year.

Even October, the wettest month, sees only around eight days of rain. Alfaz del Pi enjoys low, stable humidity levels, with humidity barely reaching 65 per cent during the wettest month of October. Water temperatures are at their highest between July and September.

The weather is most pleasant and comfortable in spring and autumn; April and May, and October and November.

If you're looking for the very warmest months, they are July, August and September. Be aware that temperatures may be uncomfortably hot for many.
Alfaz del Pi offers National and Cultural Festivities

National and Cultural Festivities in Alfaz del Pi

Alfaz del Pi is a Valencian village in the Comarca of Marina Baixa, in the province of Alicante. This picturesque village is a true tourist attraction because of its beautiful location and the many parties and festivals that are celebrated there. With a total population of fewer than 30,000 inhabitants, Alfaz del Pi is a quiet village that is perfectly suited for a relaxing holiday. At the same time, you don't have to worry about getting bored; there is plenty to do in Alfaz del Pi.

Below we describe some of the best known National and Cultural Festivals in the region. These are events that happen every year; if you happen to be able to attend one, we highly recommend it. Each festivity described below is unique, but all festivities have 1 thing in common; they are a great and fun way to spend your time, connect with others and get to know the place a little better.

Alfaz del Pi Festival the Jazz

Jazz Festival

The ‘festival L'Alfàs en Jazz’ is one of the oldest festivals in this Valencian Community, and it attracts people from all different parts of the globe. The history of the Jazz festival goes back to 1993 in Casa de Cultura de L'Alfàs del Pi. Interestingly, the festival has always (to this day) had a philosophy of focusing on the facilitation of musical innovation. Over the years great names have taken the stage, such as Lou Bennet, Tete Montoliu, Ximo T`ebar, McPherson and Chano Dominguez, among others.

The main focus of the festival is not only to have a fabulous time with excellent music; part of the focus remains on contributing to the evolution and diversity of Mediterranean music, especially jazz. El festival L'Alfàs en Jazz normally opens with music from all over the world, as a way to expose individuals and local artists to new styles. This might influence or inspire them in one way or another and they could use this to get even better. This is a summer festival that usually takes place some time in September. There is not a dull moment during this festival

Especially if you are a music lover. Be sure to check the date before you book your flight to Spain.

Alfaz del Pi Halloween


Through the years, Halloween has gained massive popularity in Spain, and the local expatriate communities have always joined in the fun that encompasses special dinners, theme evenings, and a lot more. There is a wide range of things that one can do for Halloween, either as an individual or as a family. If you are a fan of nighttime debauchery, there are parties to be found everywhere in town; this is a night when Alfaz del Pi has a vivid nightlife.

In Alfaz del Pi, Halloween is a unique time when community members come together to celebrate. Celebrations of Halloween in this region are relatively new; Halloween did not used to be celebrated here before. Over time, however, it has been integrated into the Spanish culture and is now celebrated with as much ‘Joie de vivre’ as many other celebrations in the region. A lot of kids enjoy Halloween; they put on scary costumes to scare each other and laugh. The adults tend to come together for a meal and taste various types of foods and drinks. If you happen to be in Alfaz del Pi during Halloween, the 31st of October, then you don't want to miss out on this one. Put on a costume (or don’t) and go see what it is all about.

Alfaz del Pi Carnival


Alfaz del Pi celebrates carnival, or ‘Carnaval’, annually. This is a weekend packed with parades and silly costumes. A lot of the main festivities for carnival in Alfaz del Pi are held on Saturday. The children usually kick off the carnival with a special ‘children’s carnival’ around 11 am with a parade that runs through the streets of the town and ends at the municipal tents that are set up at the town square. There, they can find lots of bouncy castles, balloons, and many other games to make their day remarkable. The municipal tent will be the central point for the Saturday carnival activities. This celebration welcomes and caters to children and adults alike. There will be popular drinks and delicacies to mark the day. There will also be great prizes to be won for the best costumes at individual and couple levels.

At night Alfaz del Pi fills up with costumed folks from around the world. There is plenty of music and entertainment on offer. In Alfaz del Pi a free night bus service runs the Saturday night of carnival between the city center and the beach in L’Albir. Plan your vacation accordingly, since this is a celebration that you don’t want to miss. Affordable accommodations are available for individuals and families.

Acts in Honour of San José, Patron Saint of the Municipality

‘La celebración de Los Actos en Honor a San José, Patrón del Municipio’ is organized to commemorate Saint Joseph. This is a special date for all Valencians, but most importantly, for the inhabitants of Alfaz del Pi, since San José is their patron. This festival is arranged by Mayoralas de la Purísima and takes place in March every year. It usually spans two days; it starts in the afternoon of one day and celebrations proceed to the night of the following day. Just like many other festivals in the region, this celebration encompasses activities for all sorts of audiences.

The program is usually opened with an event for the little ones such as children’s theatre. Later that same day there will be the musical entertainment for adults. The following day, the day of San Jose kicks off early with a fun parade with live music performances. The parade will end on the Plaza Mayor, where a mass will be held at la Parroquia del Santísimo Cristo del Buen Acierto, after which there will be a procession. The festive day will be brought to an end with lots of fireworks. If you have the chance to attend this special event,

Do not hesitate. It might even be a good excuse for a weekend getaway!

Alfaz del PI Saint Vicent Ferrer,s Day

Saint Vincent Ferrer's Day

‘The Día de Sant Vicent Ferrer’ is celebrated in Alfaz del Pi every year in April. Saint Vincent Ferrer is regarded as the patron of builders, plumbers, construction workers, orphanages, and fishermen. This is another great fiesta that fills the streets with people, food and activities for young and old. Since it takes place in April, the sun is not yet too strong to enjoy a vibrant day outside in Alfaz del Pi.

St. Vincent Ferrer was born to a noble family of Guillem Ferrer and Constanca Miquel in Valencia. Legends surrounded his birth. There is a story that his mother, when giving birth to him, never experienced any labour pain. Another story also claims that his father had a dream in which he was informed that his child would gain fame across the globe. St. Vincent Ferrer spent at least 21 years abroad. He visited countries such as Ireland, England, Aragon, Scotland, and Castile in Spain. Through preaching the gospel, he managed to convert many people to Christianity. To this day, many still believe that the patron knew only Valencian and that he was blessed with a gift of speaking in tongues.

In Alfaz del Pi Immaculate Conception Feast

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

‘The Fiestas de la Purísima’ is celebrated every year in early December. The feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated as an authentic Roman Catholic holiday and sees two days of activities and devotion in honour of the Immaculate Conception. The religious elements of the celebration will take place in the San José Church, and the food and entertainment will be centred around the Municipal tent. There will be a procession, mass, theatre, musical entertainment, special entertainment for the children and much more.

There is a famous belief that the Immaculate Conception refers to Jesus's conception by the Virgin Mary, but that is not true. The fact is that it refers to the special manner in which the Virgin Mary herself was conceived. It is believed that God preserved the Virgin Mary from the taint of original sin from the moment she was conceived. This implies that she was protected from contracting original sin as well as personal sin. This is one of the holiest celebrations held by the Catholics in Spain. These fiestas serve to strengthen beliefs and communal ties. This is a festival that is not only interesting for Roman Catholics, but it also offers activities and entertainment for all who care to join the celebrations.

Alfaz del Pi Nightlife

Nightlife in Alfaz del Pi

Alfaz del Pi has lots of great amenities and an exciting range of bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes. Most of these places stay open until late at night serving beer, wine and cocktails. You can choose between bustling bars offering live music, restaurants serving fine wine or cafes selling cheap ice-cold beer; in this town, there is something for everyone. You won't find any night clubs and discos in Alfaz del Pi though, but with Albir, Altea and Benidorm nearby, you have plenty of options within a 10-minute drive. Take a taxi or hop on a bus and you can be in a club in no time.

If you prefer to stay within Alfaz del Pi, there is a selection of pubs and eateries that are open until midnight or later. Here's our list of the best late-night bars and restaurants in Alfaz del Pi.

Alfaz del Pi Cocktail Club

Club Cocktail

This nightclub is easy to spot thanks to its bright neon sign. Club Cocktail is a gentleman's club found on Avenida Europa in the heart of Alfaz del Pi. This adults-only bar is open from 5 pm until around 5 am every day, including the holidays. It's the perfect place for late-night party goers who want to have fun until the early hours. Inside, the focus of the club is a stage that features a pole where exotic dancers perform every evening. Different ladies take to the stage over the course of the night. When it comes to drinks, there's a great menu of cocktails that includes favourites such as mimosas and cosmopolitans.

Club Cocktail holds different theme nights to add to the fun. Seasonal events are celebrated, such as Christmas, Halloween and St Patrick's Day when the dancers and bar staff wear fancy dress. There are also fiesta and carnival nights when live music, food and themed cocktails are part of the entertainment. It's the ideal night out for stag-dos and group celebrations. The atmosphere is discreet, and the club is modern, clean and comfortable with an excellent reputation.

Alfaz del Pi Bar Ocho

Bar Ocho

Bar Ocho is a local bar in a quiet side street of Alfaz del Pi. It's open from 9 am until after midnight and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, tapas, beer, wine and spirits. This neighbourhood bar is a friendly place, a favourite with regulars and those who stop by on their way home from work. They also welcome visitors, families and holidaymakers – everyone feels comfortable at this place. You can stand at the counter, sit inside or eat at the handful of tables outside – you have the choice.

Dishes such as grilled chicken, roasted lamb and paella are on the regular menu, and in the weekend they serve oysters as well. When it comes to tapas, they have a traditional selection of stews, potato dishes and fish that is displayed on the bar so you can see what looks delicious to you. Food and drinks served here are inexpensive, and the helpings are always generous. Beverages include ice-cold international beer, house wine and an exciting list of cocktails. Twice a month Bar Ocho hosts live music evenings which are always popular. There is a billiard table inside for those who enjoy a game or two of pool.

Alfaz del Pi Robins Nest

Robins Nest

Right in the centre of Alfaz del Pi, Robins Nest bar is situated on a corner that is easy to find. The opening hours are 1.30 pm until around 1.00 am, and the friendly staff make everyone feel welcome, whether you're a regular or a visitor. Inside the bar, there are arched ceilings and leather bar stools providing a traditional and comfortable atmosphere. Outside there are a few stools on the pavement if you enjoy a drink alfresco.

A full range of drinks is on offer, including ice-cold beer, local wine and most popular spirits. Food is served until the early evening. The menu includes burgers, roast chicken and steak with all the trimmings. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can order a delicious plate of fish and chips and the bar has other themed evenings such as regular curry nights. The TV is usually on, and you can watch international football matches, rugby and Formula One; there is a timetable of the different matches displayed on the chalkboard. Later in the evening, when it is busy, music fills the bar thanks to a resident DJ, and the dance floor fills with people bopping and boogying. With so much going on at Robins Nest, it's easy to spend the whole evening enjoying yourself here.

Alfaz del Pi Albaniz Bar

Bar Albeniz

Located on the lively La Ferreria street just along from the bus stop, Café Bar Albeniz enjoys a central location that's an ideal meeting spot. It is bright and modern with a cheerful atmosphere. This bar has plenty of tables available out on the terrace and along the pavement. There are a few tables indoors too if you don't want to sit outside. At night, this bar has a relaxed vibe; it is perfect for a few drinks with friends. There are a couple of different draught beers available, along with house wine and a wide selection of spirits. The prices are average for the wider Benidorm area so a drink and a meal here won't break the bank.

Bar Albeniz opens 7 days a week at 6.30 in the morning for breakfast. It stays open until midnight. You will always feel welcome here. This place is ideal for main meals, tapas and sandwiches. You can also grab a quick snack at any time of day. Traditional dishes are on the menu, including paella, squid and pork - Bar Albeniz is an excellent place to try Spanish cuisine. The coffee is nice and strong here and goes down well when you need a hit of caffeine.

Alfaz del Pi Bar Everest Tapa Toca

Toca Tapa – Everest Bar

This place is on a bustling street called Carrer Federico García Lorca, in the middle of Alfaz del Pi. There are a number of bars and restaurants within a few metres of each other, so this part of town has a lively vibe. Enjoy a drink in one or two of the great places in this street to have a fun evening. Everest Bar has a choice of seating inside and outside, so you can find a table that suits your mood. Open until midnight 6 days a week; the bar is closed most Mondays. There is a great selection of bottled and draught beer and local wine, and if you want something hot, they serve coffee and tea as well.

This place is best known for is its tapas. They specialise in sliced bread topped with piles of colourful meat, fish and vegetables. The toppings are huge and are freshly prepared and perfectly seasoned. A 'menu of the day' is also available that includes dishes like lasagne or grilled chicken. Prices are relatively low at this bar, so an evening here is very affordable. Late at night, the bar attracts younger crowds, but all ages are welcome.

Alfaz del Pi La Picaeta

La Picaeta

La Picaeta advertises itself as a café and cerveceria (bar), so you can expect a great choice of drink and food. The menu is Spanish, and it changes with the availability of fresh and seasonal produce. Squid, rabbit, chicken, rice dishes and paella are usually on offer as are tapas and sandwiches for a lighter meal. The chef takes pride in making everything from scratch, and there are some very tempting desserts to try as well as the main courses.

The service at La Picaeta is professional and attentive, and the staff know a lot about the food and the wine so they can recommend something if you're not sure what to order. For an evening drink, the tables outside are welcoming, and you can enjoy beer and a choice of spirits. It has a grown-up, classy décor inside with lots of space so if you have a large party of friends, there is room for everyone to sit. La Picaeta is open 7 days a week, but it closes for around 2 hours in the early evening before re-opening for dinner and drinks.

Alfaz del Pi Déja Vu Bar

Déjà Vu Bar

The outside wall of Déjà Vu had a brand-new mural added in 2020, which makes this place easy to spot. Look out for the painted trees with pretty pink flowers behind the seating area at the front. This bar has an international feel with food and drinks from Holland, Spain and the UK on the menu. Fish and chips, herring and tapas feature, and in the morning you can order a huge English breakfast. Déjà Vu offers light bites and large plates at all times so you can always find something to eat.

If you enjoy a cocktail in the evening, the Déjà Vu Bar is the perfect place to visit, as they have an affordable selection here along with 2 types of sangria. A choice of gin, including flavoured gin, is on the menu and you can even add your favourite brand of tonic water. The coffee comes highly recommended, and you can order a cup with a slice of cake for a snack to keep you going. Their 'menu of the day' is very good value and includes 3 courses. If you have little ones with you, the bar has a kids' menu to ensure there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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