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Holiday rentals Albir

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Albir is one of Costa Blanca’s most relaxing towns.

With its palm tree promenade and immaculate beach, Albir is undoubtedly one of Costa Blanca’s most relaxing towns. People who want to immerse themselves in this coastal city’s charms should consider booking a holiday rental with In Costa Blanca. Whether you’re looking for a convenient apartment or a glamorous villa, you’ll find the perfect rental for your Albir getaway below.

Keep reading for more info on visiting this popular Costa Blanca destination. If you have any specific questions about our Albir properties, please don’t hesitate to contact In Costa Blanca directly.

When people first step on the Playa del Albir,

They often feel as if they’ve been transported to the Bahamas. All along this white-pebble beach, you’ll enjoy plenty of sun, a mild breeze, and brilliant blue waters. If you look carefully in the distance, you could also catch a glimpse of Caple’s famous Peñón de Ifach.

Since the waters here are so clear, it’s no surprise that snorkeling and scuba diving are top attractions. Don’t dig snorkeling? No problem! There are dozens of other activities you could enjoy in Albir. Whether you like canoeing, sailing, and paddleboarding, you’ll find a way to have fun on this gorgeous beach.

After you’ve finished exploring the beach, take a stroll along Albir’s boulevard for delicious dining options. While the traditional fare is the Mediterranean, don’t be surprised to find plenty of pubs catering to the hundreds of hungry Northern European visitors.

Although the Playa del Albir is this town’s star attraction, you’ll also find plenty of “stars” on this beach’s marble boulevard. Yes, we’re talking about movie stars! Sure, Albir is not Los Angeles, but it does play a significant role in Spain’s film industry.

In fact, this city hosts one of Spain’s largest international film festivals every July. Film buffs from around the world descend on Albir to check out dozens of fabulous film screenings. Festival organizers also set up outdoor projectors during this time, so be sure to ask locals for the beach screening schedule.

If you’re less into glitz and more into greenery, then you’ll probably want to spend a few days exploring Albir’s Serra Gelada Natural Park. This almost 14,000-acre park is a perfect place for hikers, bikers, and nature enthusiasts. While in town, be sure you take Serra Gelada’s popular 5 km trek to Albir’s picturesque lighthouse. There are also plenty of horseback-riding excursions offered through Serra Gelada if you’re interested.

If you ever feel like venturing out of Albir,

You’ll be happy to know this town is well connected to many first-class attractions. Indeed, you’re only about a 10-minute drive from both Benidorm and L’Alfàs del Pi. Summertime visitors could also take a ferry ride to nearby islands like Ibiza or Mallorca.

The closest airport to Albir is Alicante—Elche, which is about a 45-minute drive south of the town. Those flying into Valencia Airport, however, can easily reach Albir in about 1.5-hours.

Please keep in mind all of the Albir holiday rentals on this page are for guests who want to stay for a few days or weeks. In Costa Blanca does, however, offer reduced monthly rentals for people traveling to Albir in the winter. Please contact a friendly member of our staff to learn more about special rental options.

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Capitolio Apartment in Albir
Capitolio Apartment in Albir
Welcome to the heart of Albir, where a brand-new holiday apartment awaits you, situated on ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 2
property size: 65m²
Welcome to 'Apartament Cal Albir ' holiday apartment
Welcome to 'Apartament Cal Albir ' holiday apartment
Welcome to Apartamento Cal Albir your perfect vacation getaway in Albir, Costa Blanca. ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 2
property size: 80m²
€ 205,00 / dayMore Information
Holiday apartment center of Albir
Holiday apartment center of Albir
The apartment is located on the 3rd floor, completely renovated with LED lighting and ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 2
property size: 80m²
€ 85,00 / dayMore Information
Beautiful firstline apartment in Albir
Beautiful firstline apartment in Albir
This beautiful apartment is located first line of the beach between Benidorm and Altea, ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 2
property size: -
Price and availability on requestMore Information
Nice apartment in Albir (includes activities)
Nice apartment in Albir (includes activities)
This furnished holiday apartment is located in a neat and quiet apartment complex in ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: 60m²
€ 250,00 / weekMore Information
E041 Apartment Albir
E041 Apartment Albir
This beautifully furnished holiday apartment is located on the ground floor in a neat and ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: 60m²
€ 69,00 / dayMore Information
D233-Nicely decorated appartment in Albir
D233-Nicely decorated appartment in Albir
If 1 bedroom is enough for you, this apartment in Albir is available for holiday rental. ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 55,00 / dayMore Information
Romantic first line apartment
Romantic first line apartment
If you are looking for the perfect place for a holiday in Costa Blanca, you will love this ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: 55m²
€ 68,00 / day
Luxury apartment in Altea Hills
Luxury apartment in Altea Hills
This luxurious newly constructed apartment in Altea Hills is available for holiday rental ...

bedrooms: 3
bathrooms: 2
property size: 139m²
€ 925,00 / week
Beautiful Duplex in Alfaz del Pi with panoramic view for rent
Beautiful Duplex in Alfaz del Pi with panoramic view for rent
This spacious duplex has the perfect location, close to everything you need like ...

bedrooms: 3
bathrooms: 2
property size: 116m²
€ 800,00 / week
A108 Apartment in Albir
A108 Apartment in Albir
This modern 1-bedroom apartment in Albir is part of a quiet apartment complex that has its ...

bedrooms: 1
bathrooms: 1
property size: 60m²
€ 45,00 / day
Beautiful mediterranean house for holiday rental in Polop
Beautiful mediterranean house for holiday rental in Polop
This beautiful Mediterranean house in Polop is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing ...

bedrooms: 2
bathrooms: 1
property size: -
€ 60,00 / day


Weather in Albir

The Weather in Albir

The residents of Albir enjoy the standard Mediterranean climate of hot summers and gentle winters. The town is part of the Alicante Province, and it lies just 50 km north of the Province's capital, Benidorm.

Albir's summers are typical for the region. They begin in June and last until September with temperatures ranging from the mid to high 20s. August is the hottest month of the year with an average high of 30°C during the day and 20°C at night. June and September are cooler but still reach into the mid-20s during the day and around 16°C at night. All year round the sea provides a cool breeze that cools residents and tourists alike down.

The Autumn months still see plenty of warm days. October averages in the mid-20s during the day and by November the average temperature stays around 20°C. The nights grow considerably cooler, and the average rainfall increases. Despite this, the days are still warm enough for Albir to remain popular with visitors. The ocean even remains warm enough for swimming until the very end of November. While rain is more common, they are usually only short showers. October marks the beginning of Albir's rainy season, and it generally rains for around ten days with the heaviest showers of the year.

Albir's winters begin in December, last until February and are considered mild. Temperatures hover around 15 or 16°C with the coldest days dropping to 6°C. There is a lot of variation in the weather during the winter and hot days and frosts are equally likely. It rains more frequently in December and January than in October, but usually for shorter periods. The more frequent showers mean that there is generally less sunshine.

When spring returns in March, temperatures rise to 18°C and reach around 22°C by May. The nights remain cold, and the sea is too cold for swimming for most until the very end of May. There are still frequent and light rain showers, but there are more hours of sunshine.
Albir Film Festival

Film Festival

The international Festival de Cine is hosted in Alfaz del Pi every summer, and it attracts hundreds of viewers from the region. The festival has been hosted in Alfaz del Pi for over thirty years and is attended by many stars; from both TV and film, both local and international.

The festival involves red carpet premiers, free film screenings in the Casa de Cultura and on the beach, and a film competition for various budding filmmakers. This is the right place to meet some of your favourite Hollywood stars. You should be able to recognize at least ten famous faces at the festival.

The Festival de Cine has become quite significant for the local community over the last thirty years, as it is a great occasion to come together to celebrate and have good times. The film festival of Alfaz del Pi is visited by both foreigners and locals and attracts people from all over the world. If you happen to visit Alfaz del Pi in summer, try and plan your vacation at the same time as this event; you will not regret it.

Are you in the neighbourhood? Be sure to pick up an event schedule as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out.

Albir Summer Festival

Summer Fiestas

Las Fiestas de l'Albir are celebrated in August every year, and this is the time when the town is fully packed with Madrileños and many other Spaniards. The festivals are marked with many music events and processions.

Most entertainment and activities take place in Eucalyptus Park. The area is always full to the brim and is closed to traffic. In especially erected tents, you will experience live DJ’s and organized events to ensure that everyone can participate in their favourite activities such as drinking beer, dancing, eating, socializing, and taking part in various sporting activities.

The schedule for the weekend is always tightly packed, as there are at least three consecutive nights of music with many DJ’s out in the Eucalyptus Park. Most often on Saturday mornings, there are classic cars and motorcycle drive-through shows. This way community members and visitors start the day in style.

One of the notable things of the summer fiestas is the fireworks display, which always takes place at the municipal car park.

In albir the celebration of Santismo Cristo del Buen Acierto

Celebration of the Santísimo Cristo del Buen Acierto

The Fiestas del Jubileo del Santísimo Cristo - del Buen Acierto is a celebration that is carried out in early November each year. It is one of the main village fiestas and it is held in winter to celebrate the Santisimo Cristo del Buen Acierto.

This celebration takes place over more than a week and offers activities and celebrations in every shape and form; catholic services, holy processions, communal meals and entertainment in the vibrant streets of Albir.

You can't afford to miss these village fiestas, whether you are a practising Christian or not. These fiestas usually involve a two-day public holiday to give the villagers a chance to celebrate. The celebrations feature dames and queens dancing in traditional costumes.

There is also a flower festival, a paella contest, and a fancy dress party to spice up the entire event. It is also worth it to stay around to witness the Correfocs, which is a procession that involves scary costumes and fireworks.

Albir new year

New Year

In Albir, Año Nuevo is celebrated in style and involves family, friends, great warmth, excitement, enthusiasm, and joy.

For New Year, family members and loved ones share gifts to show that they care for each other and to wish each other good health and prosperity in life. Many locals stay home until midnight. When midnight comes, according to tradition, people eat 'doce uvas,' also known as twelve grapes. You are supposed to eat one after each stroke of the clock. You are supposed to swallow the whole grape before the clock strikes again, so you can eat the next grape. After the clock strikes twelve times, and the New Year has begun, you are supposed to have eaten or swallowed at least twelve grapes. This is supposed to bring good luck throughout the year.

Of course, if you are visiting and ready to ring in the New Year with a bang, you do not need to stay home until midnight! Many bars, restaurants and hotels offer exclusive New Year’s parties; do some research beforehand and buy your tickets in advance. Often grapes are including in any entree fees. People in Albir love to celebrate New Year’s Eve well!

Nightlife in Albir

Albir is an exciting Spanish town with plenty to do for everyone. Tourists flock here from all over Europe and beyond, for the beach, sunshine and friendly people. After dark, there’s a varied choice of bars, restaurants and nightclubs where you can enjoy great food, a few drinks and dance until the early hours. Outdoor terraces are lively and crowded every day of the week in summer, and the weekends are busy all year around.

Whatever you like to do, from Salsa dancing to disco raves, there is something for you in Albir. Of course, you prefer a quiet, late-night drink with friends; there are places to do that as well. For more options, Benidorm and Altea are just a 10-minute taxi ride away; the nightlife is even more bustling there. That’s the beauty of this part of the Costa Blanca – there is no shortage of places to have fun. We’ve created a list of the best places to go in Albir at night:

Pub Infinity

Pub Infinity is the place to go in Albir to meet up with people and party late into the night. Open from 10 pm until 4 am every evening, this pub is located in the centre of town, with other bars and restaurants nearby, in the surrounding streets. Pub Infinity has a modern interior with a neon bar, disco lights and wall mirrors. It is a smaller venue that has an intimate dance floor with all the lights and effects needed to create a fun atmosphere. Resident DJs play a range of the latest dance music every night of the week.

There are regular themed nights that include seasonal events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Halloween. Crazy carnival nights are organised from time to time; these definitely add something special to the weekend. A sofa area provides a place to relax and chat, plus there are a few high tables with bar stools. A full range of international drinks are on offer at the bar – the prices are a little higher than local pubs, but they are in-line with other night clubs in town. Pub Infinity serves cocktails as well as draught and bottled beer.

Chaplin Palace Club

Chaplin Palace Club is an adults-only men’s club in Albir. It is found beside the busy Avenida d’Europa on a discreet location away from the restaurants and bars in the centre of town. Inside this club, the colours red and black are used extensively to create a sensual and evocative vibe. The furnishings include a row of leather bar stools, leather sofas and small booths along a mirrored wall.

Purple neon bulbs light the bar area, and there is a wide range of spirits on offer here along with house wine and bottled beer. Perhaps the main feature of Chaplin Palace Club is the stage at one end. There’s a pole for the exotic dancers who entertain nightly. There are no set opening hours for this strip club, but it is usually open late at night and into the early hours of the morning.

The Church Irish Bar

The Church in Albir is an authentic Irish bar run by Irish owners who employ Irish staff whenever possible. The bar and restaurant open at midday and stay open until 2 am on weekdays and 4 am on Friday and Saturday. This is one of the best places in Albir for live music; bands, singers and musicians regularly perform in the weekends to an attentive audience. On Thursdays, there’s an open jam session where anyone who can play a musical instrument can join in. Three large TVs show most sports games live so you can watch your favourite team play while you enjoy a drink. There’s always something going on at The Church – it’s rarely dull and quiet.

Food is served up until 10 pm most nights. The menu includes excellent Irish dishes such as lamb stew and beef with Guinness pie. You can also order burgers and steak along with other meals. There’s usually a cheap ‘dish of the day’ that includes a drink if you’re looking for a bargain. You can also order light bites such as baguettes for lunch or as a snack. If you love a pint of the black stuff, Guinness is on draught here, but there is also a vast selection of international drinks.

La LiVi

Despite its main street location, the elegant terrace at La LiVi is quiet and peaceful thanks to the artistic screens shielding diners on all sides. There is plenty of space outside, and at night the terrace is beautifully lit with tiny white bulbs and uplights. Inside, the décor is trendy and fresh with lots of white furniture and natural wooden fixtures. La LiVi opens for breakfast at 9 am and stays open until 10 pm. Cocktails, beer and a great choice of wine and spirits are served in the evening, but it is hard to resist the food served here.

Everything is home-made, and there are both healthy options and fine cuisine on the menu. Popular seasonal dishes include creamy pasta, shrimp salad, pork with noodles and herb chicken. The chef takes inspiration from all over the globe. The ‘menu of the day’ is good value and includes 3 tasty courses. If you want to simply treat yourself to a dessert, they are happy to serve sweets such as tiramisu, pancakes or chocolate cake with a cup of coffee or tea. The service is excellent here, and it’s the ideal place to go for a special evening out.

ZIBÂ dance lounge

ZIBÂ dance lounge has a great location along the seafront overlooking the water. It’s an impressive night club that’s been recently fitted to a high standard to attract customers who don’t mind spending money on a great night out. The ZIBÂ dance lounge decor features luxury fabrics, black and gold trimmings and a line of stunning chandeliers. ZIBÂ is the type of cool place you go to hang out, meet new people and have a good time late into the night. A DJ mixes current music creating an exciting soundtrack that gets people up and dancing into the early hours of the morning. In front of the DJ’s booth is an intimate dance floor that gets busy as the night goes on.

The bar is long with a lit-up section of drinks against the wall that displays every kind of spirit you can imagine. A team of expert mixologists makes cocktails, and there is a range of bottled beer to choose from too. Back from the bar, there are intimate tables with bar stools where small groups relax, drink and talk together. This is a popular drinks lounge, especially at the weekend, that attracts all ages and kinds of clientele.

Cuba Bar

Cuba Bar is lively, loud and lots of fun. From the bright neon sign outside to the fresh cocktails and the colourful décor inside, everything has a tropical feel about it here. The bar is located just a few streets back from the beach and not far from the centre of town. There is a large and informal terrace outside with lots of tables available. It’s cooler and quieter out on this deck and ideal for meeting friends and having a chat.

Sip delicious cold drinks out here late into the night, and order plates of tasty food too. The menu has a list of spicy or Cuban themed dishes on it, such as tacos, barbecued beef and sausage piled with onion and tomatoes. They have a few unique snacks here too, like potato chips dripping with melted cheese and sauce. Although there are great dishes on the menu, this place is more about dancing than eating. Whether a DJ or live musician plays the music, the Latino vibes get everyone’s toes tapping. Salsa tunes and samba music can be heard late into the night, and people are encouraged to dance. Couples join in to learn the dances or show off their moves; it’s all about having some fun.

Bar Beachlounge

This bar is set one street back from the sandy beach of Albir. Bar Beachlounge is located in a lively spot, near other bars and restaurants. It’s a well-run eatery popular with Belgian, Dutch and German visitors. Inside there’s a modern, rustic feel thanks to the bare brick walls and wooden tabletops. You’ll find a couple of tables outside that enjoy the deep shade provided by a large, old tree. The selection of tapas on the menu includes hot and cold dishes as well as a choice of delicious sandwiches. You can also get yummy cakes and desserts with your coffee if you fancy something sweet.

When it comes to drinks, there are a couple of international beers on draught as well as local bottled beer. Cocktails are a popular choice too, and the bar offers a broad range of gins. If you like a special coffee, you will enjoy the menu of alcoholic coffees such as those with Tia Maria, Cointreau and Whiskey. In the evening, tables fill up with people enjoying a drink or two and watching the TVs. The prices are a little higher than some of their competitors, but the great food and fantastic atmosphere at Bar Beachlounge are worth the little extra.

Coco Loco

This modern beach bar has a vast, sweeping outdoor terrace that overlooks the promenade and sea in Albir. Shade is plentiful, thanks to a number of huge white umbrellas. You can sit here next to the palm trees and enjoy the view, no matter what the weather may be. There is indoor seating too; with air-conditioning, for when it gets too hot on the terrace. Coco Loco has a relaxed, informal atmosphere that is perfect if you’re in Albir on holiday. It’s all about taking things easy and enjoying your time by the beach.

Open from 10 am to 2 am, you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks here. You can also have a light bite or snack at all hours. The food is international and includes everything from hamburgers to fine cuisine. Mussels are a favourite dish at this bistro; they are served in a huge pot with a side of bread. It’s a popular place for families to stop as they have a kids’ menu and a selection of ice-creams. Sit outside all evening sipping on cocktails, sangria, house wine or an ice-cold beer. The bar has all kinds of spirits available as well, and the music provides the ideal night-time vibe.

Attractions and Theme Parks near Albir

Are you looking to explore in the surroundings of Albir? Of course there are many lovely beaches in the area, including the Playa de Raco, which has received special recognition from the European Union several times. But maybe you're looking for something other than the beach for a day? You and your family or friends can make a day of it, and visit one of the many attractions, zoos and parks.

Enjoy the mild year-round climate in a different setting; visit waterfalls and natural pools, or perhaps robotic Dinosaurs are more your thing? Within a short distance from Albir you can find theme parks and amusing attractions ranging from botanical gardens to exotic animal parks. The beautiful hilly surroundings of this town have ancient ruins, sea views, and a few waterparks that will give any visitor a unique experience. See below the list of attractions and theme parks around Albir that we recommend for a visit.

Terra Mitica

This marvellous theme park gives its visitors a peek into the ancient Mediterranean, Greek, Egyptian, and Roman civilizations. It boasts various imperium shows, special shows for children, parades, secret pyramids, gladiators, and roller coasters that are a sure thrill for adrenaline junkies. One can have a bath in the waters of the Nile and take a dip in the fountains and Jacuzzis. Be sure to take a water ride through the port of Alexandria in Egypt or better still visit the labyrinth of the Minotaur.

There are pizzerias and restaurants in the park, but they are pricey, and the food is not very impressive; we recommend you bring your own lunch if you can. Terra Mitica is a 20-minute drive from Albir.

Opening Hours:

Mid May until November.

Open every day from 10.30 - Closing time in low season: 19:00 and in high season: 22:30

Contact Information:

Partida del Moralet, s/n, 03502 Benidorm

Tel: +34 902 02 02 20
Email: reservas@terramitica.com
Website: www.terramiticapark.com/en/


Mundomar is an animal park just adjacent to Aqualandia. It is home to several exotic species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. For example, you can find parrots, lemurs, coatis, and turtles here. It is an ideal place for a family outing as you can have fun watching the seasoned employees interact with the animals in different shows.

In Mundomar children (and seniors alike) can learn about ecology and the importance of conservation. There is the opportunity to sign up for special experiences like swimming with sea lions and taking your picture with dolphins or other animals.

Opening Hours:

Daily from 10:00 - 18:00

Contact Information:

C/ Sierra Helada, s/n, 03503 Benidorm

Tel: +34 965 86 91 01
Email: https://www.mundomar.es/
Website: https://www.mundomar.es/en/

Terra Natura

Ever imagined exploring Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa all in the same day? Well, after a 13-minute drive from Albir, you can do exactly that in Terra Natura. This impressive park houses a huge zoological collection of over 200 species.

This theme park is divided into two parks: The Terra Natura animal park displays animals behind barriers that are invisible to the human eye. Here you can discover customs, traditional foods, art, and the cultures of Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The other park, Aqua Natura park, looks like a recreation of the Zanzibar archipelago and has a sea lion show and water park with marine animals.

Opening Hours:

Daily from 10:30 - 18:00

Contact Information:

Partida Foia del Verdader, s/n, 03502 Benidorm

Tel: + 34 966 07 27 70
Email: info@terranatura.com
Website: http://www.terranatura.com


This waterpark, situated about 5.6 km outside Albir, has something for everyone and is ideal for a family. Those looking for adrenaline thrills can enjoy the park's water chute (highest in Europe) and Black Hole that twists and turns in total. Then there are the spine-chilling kamikaze and multi-track water jump, zig-zag, splash, and vertigo for them to try.

The park also hosts lagoons and grottoes for those looking for a more mellow experience. Between the slides and attractions in Aqualandia you will find green fields with shade that are ideal for picnics, relaxing or a quick siesta.

Opening Hours:

From the end of May until the beginning of October. Daily from 10:00 - 20:00

Contact Information:

Sierra Helada, s/n, 03503 Benidorm

Tel: +34 965 86 01 00
Email: aqualandia@aqualandia.net
Website: https://www.aqualandia.net

Les Fonts de l'Algar (Algar waterfalls)

This natural haven is the perfect quiet getaway, located about 9.8 km from Albir. It consists of various waterfalls that are connected through water channels that run into fresh pools of water. The rocky landscape has several springs, and visitors are allowed to bathe and swim in its crystalline water.

The waterfalls and their surroundings are rich in ecology and also provide environmental education to local and international tourists. Unpack your picnic at a designated site and even pitch a tent at the campsite here. The Algar Waterfalls are a Wet Zone protected by the Agreement of the Valencian Government of September 10, 2002.

Opening Hours:

Summer open from 09:00 - 20:00 Winters open from 09:00 - 17:00

Contact Information:

Pda. Algar, s/n, 03510 Callosa d'en Sarrià

Tel: + 34 965 88 01 53
Email: info@lasfuentesdelalgar.com
Website: http://www.lasfuentesdelalgar.com

DinoPark Algar

This incredible amusement park is located next to the Cactus D'Algar gardens, about a 36-minute drive from Albir. DinoPark takes its visitors on an extraordinary journey into earth's history. The park engages both kids and adults in an adventure of very realistic life-sized dinosaur models equipped with sound and some movement.

There are also a palaeontology playground, a paddling pool for kids to play, and a 3D cinema. Models of the recently discovered dinosaurs of the Mesozoic era are displayed, supplemented with real historical artefacts such as huge claws and teeth. The park offers refreshments that parents can enjoy while young ones play.

Opening Hours:

Daily from 10:00 - 18:00 July/Aug daily from 10:00 - 20:00

Contact Information:

Partida Segarra s/n, 03510 Callosa d'en Sarrià

Tel: +34 636 277 466
Email: algar@dinopark.es
Website: www.algar.dinopark.es

Cactus D’Algar (Cactus Botanical Gardens Algar)

This lovely botanical garden situated in a beautiful serene valley is home to an amazing selection of cacti and succulents. On the drive to the garden, you can enjoy a picturesque view of fields of fruit growing on the mountain slopes.

The park has winding paths, and benches to sit and rest. It offers a tranquil environment to take a walk for a few hours and discover the extensive selection of plants. The 36-minute drive from Albir might be worth it even more so when you find out these botanical gardens are located right next to DinoPark Algar.

Opening Hours:

Daily from 10:00 - 18:00

Contact Information:

Partida Armaig, 1, 03510 Callosa d’En Sarrià, España

Tel: +34 965 881 095
Email: info@cactusdalgar.com
Website: http://www.cactusdalgar.com


This former Moorish town, 20.4 km from Albir, has a population of about 200 people and is home to the Castillo de San Jose; a medieval castle on a rock. The village also has a breathtaking view of the turquoise blue waters of a reservoir down below.

It offers a variety of attractions that include three stunning museums. The miniature museum allows you to look at miniature objects like statues through a magnifying lens. The Micro-Gigantic museum that displays both miniatures (like an ant playing the violin and giant sculptures) and giant sculptures. And the CASA Oduna museum (a house that belonged to an eighteenth-century noble family).

Opening Hours Castle:

Every day from 10:00 - 18:00

Contact Information:

Avda. de Alicante, s/n 03517 El Castell de Guadalest

Tel: +34 965 885 298
Email: turismo@guadalest.es
Website: http://guadalest.es

Beaches and Bays - Albir

Albir is located on the Costa Blanca nestled between Altea and Benidorm. Located in the municipality of Alfaz del Pi within the province of Alicante, the town has a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere than some of the neighbouring areas. Protecting Albir and providing a spectacular backdrop, the Sierra Helada mountain range rises above the coastline here.

Albir is a friendly town that welcomes international visitors who prefer a holiday spot that feels less crowded. Tourists come for the spacious beach, the tree-lined streets, modern shops and exciting festivals. A traditional market selling fruit, fish and vegetables is held in Albir on Sunday mornings. Live music can be heard in some of the bars near the beach, and there’s a selection of restaurants too.

A pretty lighthouse stands high above the beach – a pathway goes all the way to the top for walkers who like a challenging route. The nearby town of Altea can be reached on foot along the beachfront in about 20 minutes. Altea offers a lively promenade called Paseo de las Estrellas with a great choice of bars and restaurants. There’s also a popular craft market held here in the summer season.

Albir Beach

Albir is well-known for its pretty white pebble beach that is called Platja del Racó de l'Albir. This clean beach has been awarded EU Blue Flag status every year for the last 30 years – one of just a few beaches that can make this claim. Albir beach stretches for 500 meters and is 100 meters wide. It’s a quiet beach that offers plenty of amenities such as well-maintained showers, foot washes and toilets. There is an umbrella and sunbed rental service plus a children’s playground as well.

It’s a safe beach with a lifeguard on duty throughout the busy season and there is a first aid kiosk. The sea here is clear, turquoise in colour and very inviting. The water attracts scuba divers and snorkelers thanks to the interesting marine life and seaweed meadows found in the bays. Along the back of the beach is a wide promenade lined with palm trees. Benches along the promenade offer a shady place to sit and watch the sea.

The Albir Beach webcam

Do you want to take a look at Albir beach without travelling there? The Alicante live webcam on Playa del Abir can transport you there in an instant. Log onto the free webcam at any time of the day and night and watch the waves rolling in. If you want to make sure Albir is the right destination for your next holiday, spend a few minutes looking at this stretch of coastline to help make your decision.

The webcam could also remind you of past holidays, bringing back fond memories of time spent in Albir. The camera is located at the end of Albir Beach, overlooking the small sandy patch. If want to check out the weather before travelling down to the beach, log on and take a quick look before heading out.

Restaurants and Bars in Albir

Albir is a quiet but versatile town.. whether you are here to enjoy the beach, the surrounding rugged Spanish nature, some quiet time with your family, or simply bake in the sun, Albir is a good place for any and all of these activities. And let’s not forget, an essential component of a getaway in the Spanish sun is of course; Good food!

Have a look in the bars and restaurants listed below to check out the surprising variety that is available in Albir. Here you can find beach lounges, fine gastro-dining, country style ribs and even a proper Dutch snackbar. If you are planning to dine with a group, we recommend making reservations. Contact details are included in the description. Buen provecho!

Universal Lounge Bar

Located at the heart of Albir, the Universal Lounge Bar is famous for its Flemish Burgundian dishes and lifestyle. Grab a delicious cup of Illy coffee, served just the way you like it, and enjoy the sunny weather of Albir on the ample outdoor terrace.

Is it beer O’clock already? Perfect, because this bar has an extensive beer menu with over 100 types of special beers. Be sure to try the food here too. The professional chefs here will prepare mouthwatering dishes for you, using fresh homemade ingredients. On the menu are unique dishes from various countries, all served with a personal touch.

Opening Hours:

Friday through Wednesday 10:00 - 21:00

Closed on Thursdays

Contact Information:

Av de l'Albír, 68, bajo, 03581 L'Albir

Tel: 966 86 59 10
Website: universalloungebar.com

Zero Zero

Zero Zero is a luxurious, well-designed beach club with a laid back vibe. It is located on the beachfront of Cap Blanch beach in Altea, not far from Albir, and has a spectacular sea view. The Dutch owners Harry and Edith are good hosts with years of experience in the hospitality industry. Sit on the cozy spacious terrace as you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with apple pie.

You can also enjoy a leisurely lunch here (try their delightful paninis!) or an exceptional dinner with a fresh sea breeze. There are multiple healthy but delicious options on the menu. Zero Zero has a vast selection of wines to choose from to accompany your meal. Sit back, relax, and savor the moment.

Opening Hours:

Friday through Wednesday 10:00 - 23:00

Closed on Thursdays

Contact Information:

Carr. del Albir, 21, 03590 Altea

Tel: 966 88 07 63
Website: zerozeroaltea.com

Spazio Caffè Restaurant Manuel Albir

The trendy Restaurant Manuel Albir is one of the traditional Italian coffee shops in Albir. It is especially known for its broad selection of delicious coffees. And coffee is not all that is served here; this is a good spot for your breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

The menu offers Italian, Mediterranean, European and central European dishes to choose from; think of professionally prepared salads, pasta, sandwiches and delicious pizza. There are also vegan and vegetarian-friendly meal options. The staff in Spazio Caffè Restaurant Manuel Albir is known to be friendly and helpful.

Opening Hours:

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 09:00 - 17:00

Friday and Saturday 09:00 - 21:00

Closed on Tuesdays

Contact Information:

Carrer Vivaldi, 11, 03581 l'Alfàs del Pi

Tel: 865 60 98 79
Email: spazioalbir@gmail.com
Website: http://www.manuelcaffe.it/es/spaziocaffe

Sapporo Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant is famous for its very affordable all-you-can-eat-and-drink deal. Enjoy delicious sushi, crispy duck, salmon and prawns prepared by professional chefs and served by friendly staff. In Sapporo you get good value for you money.

The indoor, air conditioned restaurant has a modern décor, and there is an outdoor terrace too. Because of the excellent value for money it does tend to get busy here, especially in high season; this can slow down service and result in long waits. That is why we recommend you avoid the busiest nights.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 12:30 – 24:00

Contact Information:

Av de l'Albir, 155, L. 12 C.C, 03581 L'Alfàs del Pi

Tel: 966 86 86 88
Website: buffetsapporo.com

Goleta Beach Albir

The Goleta Beach bar and grill is located right on the boulevard. It is ideally situated to watch different people go by and enjoy the excellent view of the calm, beautiful beach. It serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner at affordable prices (keep an eye out for the specials), and is therefore very popular. The service is very friendly, although at the peak of high season it can be a bit slow.

On the menu you will find beers and wines, and different Mediterranean, Spanish and European dishes. The prawn and avocado salad comes highly recommended. The terrace is also very suited for some summer time evening drinks.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 09:00 – 24:00

Contact Information:

Passeig de les Estreles, 1, Local 3 y 4, 03581 L'Albir

Tel: 966 86 41 39
Email: https://www.goletabeach.es/contacto/
Website: https://www.goletabeach.es/

Restaurant la cena by Nola

LaCena by Nola

LaCena by Nola is an excellent and hugely popular international gastro restaurant. It is a cozily decorated place where you can enjoy delicious meals; carpaccio, salads, bucket of prawns, mussels, fish and chips, pasta, hamburgers etcetera at an affordable price. There are options for vegetarians and vegans.

The staff here is friendly and always ready to attend to your needs. Additionally, this restaurant has an ample drinks menu with fresh juices, coffee and wine that you can enjoy on the terrace with a view of the beach. LaCena by Nola is considered by many as ‘a great find’. Don’t be shy to come here for a Spanish breakfast, brunch or dinner.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 10:00 – 22:00

Contact Information:

Carr. del Albir, 58, 03581 L'Albir

Tel: 966 864 190
Email: lacenabynola@outlook.com
Website: http://www.lacenabynola.com/

De LAB Beach Lounge

This popular gastro restaurant is located at Altea's beachfront, not far from Albir. De LAB Beach Lounge has quality mouth-watering Mediterranean, Deli, European and fusion dishes, which are professionally prepared, presented and served by well-trained and friendly staff. The fusion cuisine combines the very best recipes from different continents to give you an unmatched culinary experience.

This gastro restaurant serves some of the most delicious freshly prepared seafood such as salmon, octopus and salmon tartare using homemade ingredients. It is also known for its fresh coffee, cocktails, sangria and wine. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere offered by this lounge and a good view of the sea as you enjoy delicious drinks, wines and dishes of your choice.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 10:00 – 01:00

Contact Information:

Carr. del Albir, 17, 03590 Altea

Tel: 744 61 04 18
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeLabBeachLounge/

Snackbar Albir

This popular snackbar is conveniently located, central and close to the beach. Snackbar Albir is famous for its delicious and authentic Dutch snacks and fries. In the 15 years it has been running it has grown to be a well-known staple in Albir.

If you are craving deep-fried goodness or a midnight snack, this is the place to be. Have your pick of chicken lollipops, cheese soufflés, kebab, bitterballen, hamburgers, mexicanos, and many other Dutch snacks. As you would expect from a high quality snackbar, it serves top brands such as Kwekkeboom, Remia, Mora and Beckers. On hot days you can buy a refreshing soda or ice cream here.

Opening Hours:

Wednesday and Thursday 12:00 - 02:00

Friday and Saturday 12:00 - 03:00

Sunday and Monday 12:00 - 01:00

Closed on Tuesdays

Contact Information:

Av de l'Albir, 7, 03580 L'Albir

Restaurante Country Ribs

Restaurante Country Ribs is a western-style Steak House that serves different cuts of steak, ribs, hamburgers, mixed grill platters and Italian ossobucco, amongst others. The servings and cuts are generally very large; you will not have to leave hungry. However, if you like your steak rare, be sure to emphasize this in your order, as the steaks here are sometimes a tad overcooked.

As you would expect from a steak house, there is beer on tap and a selection of wines. Staff is friendly and not shy to lend a helping hand. One of the best features of the Restaurante Country Ribs is its excellent location, right on the boulevard with a view of passersby and the beach.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 12:00 – 24:00

Contact Information:

Passeig de les Estreles, núm. 7, 03581 l'Alfàs del Pi

Tel: 966 86 55 07
Website: country-ribs.com

The Grill

This stylish bar and grill is a gastropub that is famous for its delicious hamburgers with a twist. Not in the mood for a burger? At The Grill you can also order fresh fish, grilled meat, fine focaccia, chicken nachos, Argentinian sausages, or any of the vegetarian options. The food is not only delicious but it is also well presented by professionally trained and friendly staff.

The restaurant has a hip industrial vibe, which matches the creative and high quality meals very well. Be sure to check out the extensive selection of artisanal beers; a wide variety of IPA’s and lagers, including regionally produced beers. Take a seat in the comfortable chairs, lean back and relax with a cold one.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 13:00 - 23.00

Contact Information:

Bulevard dels Musics, 21, 03581 L'Albir

Tel: 639 31 74 32
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGrillAlbir/

Restaurante El Nautic de l’Albir

Restaurante El Nautic de l’Albir is beautifully located at the seafront of Albir, with a view of the promenade and the beach. Because of its ideal setting it is very popular, and it can get busy. It serves International and Spanish cuisine, such as prawn rice, paella, tapas, mussels, pasta, hamburgers, salads and soups.

The kitchen is open from the morning until the restaurant closes; you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner here. If you are easily turned off by the variety of fish and food smells coming from the open kitchen, we recommend that you ask to be seated on the outdoor terrace.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 10:00 – 23:00

Contact Information:

Passeig de les Estreles, 1, Locales 1 y 2, 03581 L'Alfàs del Pi

Tel: 966 86 57 87
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elalbir/

The Stone Grill Albir

This rustic restaurant in Albir is famous for its delicious steaks. The Stone Grill serves its steaks on volcanic rocks heated at optimum room temperature. The unique rock will remain hot throughout your meal, keeping your delicious cut from getting cold.

The chef will also gladly prepare professionally cooked prawns, fajitas, lasagna, burgers or salmon. Ask your waiter for the gluten free options. As you might expect, there is a fine selection of wines to choose from, and after your meal you can enjoy a good coffee accompanied by a mango coulis or a strawberry cheesecake.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 17:00 – 22:00

Contact Information:

Av. de Oscar Esplà, 7, 03581 L'Albir, Alicante

Tel: 673 62 82 48
Website: https://www.facebook.com/thestonegrilalbir/

Noa Lounge & Gourmet

Noa Lounge & Gourmet is a quality gastro bar and restaurant; you can come here for the excellent food or simply for a professionally prepared cocktail in a fancy beach lounge setting. The contemporary terrace on the Mediterranean seafront makes for exquisite views and adds to the fine atmosphere.

The menu offers a broad selection of dishes from all over the world, each uniquely prepared and presented; think of Japanese dishes, Mediterranean food, specialties from North America and South America, and 100% Spanish tapas. Noa Lounge & Gourmet won the Trip Advisors’ travellers’ choice award for 2020.

Opening Hours:

Every day from 12:00 - 22:00

Closed on Tuesdays

Contact Information:

Passeig de les Estreles, 5, 03581 l'Alfàs del Pi

Tel: 966 86 47 83
Email: noaloung@gmail.com
Website: http://noalounge.es/

Restaurant Leonardo

This classy family-owned restaurant is located on the Boulevard de Los Musicos, the dry river bed that runs through Albir. This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and modern décor and is popular with international visitors. It is renowned for its high standards and good service.

Restaurant Leonardo serves a wide array of international dishes, with a high general standard for quality. There are different kind of meat, fish, pasta and salads on the menu. Be sure to check out the special V.I.P. menu; great value for money and ideal if you are looking to have a leisurely evening of wining and dining multiple courses.

Opening Hours:

Friday through Tuesday from 17:00 – 22:00

Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Contact Information:

Carrer Ruperto Chapí, 12, Local 4, 03581 L'Albir

Tel: 609 62 66 66
Website: restauranteleonardo.es

La ROCA Restaurant Caribbean Grill

La ROCA Restaurant Caribbean Grill is a colorful family-run Caribbean restaurant owned by Micha and Farad. It shows that the owners have more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry; they are excellent hosts who make you feel welcome at once.

This trendy restaurant mainly serves typically Caribbean dishes such as rice with Gamba’s, salmon, chicken with Caribbean sauces and spices and delicious BBQ ribs. Vegans and vegetarians can eat their hearts out here too, with a wide option of dishes; how does steamed yuka with garlic and fine herbs sound? Enjoy lunch or dinner in this cozy atmosphere close to the beach.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday through Saturday from 13:00 – 22:00

Sunday from 13:00 – 16:00

Closed on Mondays

Contact Information:

Camí Vell del Far, 2, 03581 l'Alfàs del Pi

Tel: 966 86 48 99
Website: https://la-roca-restaurant-caribbean-grill-albir.business.site/

Markets in Albir

This unique Spanish town is known for its beautiful and peaceful location. Nonetheless, there is still a lot to do in Albir; it is easily accessible and bustling with cozy bars, restaurants, stores and markets. If you're looking for a place to browse markets, or have a specific errand in mind, this is the place to be. Both the local middle class and affluent individuals love the Albir markets: this is a great place to purchase high-quality products at a soft price.

Read on to learn more about the markets you should visit in this lovely Spanish town.

Market Albir

The Albir Market takes place every Sunday near the public parking lot between Avenida de Albir and Bulevar de los Músicos. This well-known destination is very popular among locals and tourists alike.

It is of course very convenient that there is a parking lot so close to the market; just make sure you arrive nice and early to ensure a spot. This market usually gets very busy, and it can be a challenge to park the car here later on in the day. And if you do get there early, you can take the time to sample the local and exotic specialties at the bars and restaurants nearby.

You can also reach Albir Market by public transport. From Altea and Benidorm you can take bus 10 to the stop Avenida 65. Do not worry if you do not know exactly where to get off; just let the bus driver know that you are going to the "Mercadillo de Albir", and he or she will make sure you get off at the right stop. After getting off the bus, the market is easy to find.

Rastro Isa

Are you looking for second hand furniture and other high quality second hand products? Or don't know exactly what you're looking for, and just love second-hand shopping? Then look no further. Rastro Isa has a wide range of products and is open every day. Just walk in and take a look around. The staff is friendly and helpful and the products are affordable. You'll find what you're looking for quickly and easily, because the merchandise in Rastro Isa is clearly organized by category.

Be sure to ask the helpful staff if you are looking for anything specific. He or she will help you make the best choice within your budget. Rastro Isa is located on the main road N-332, Av. Europa #85 in Albir.

Keep in mind that products from this store have no warranty. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the product before you purchase anything. This means that it is extra important to carefully inspect the products before purchase.

Rastro Albir

Rastro Albir is a store with second-hand furniture and other household items, located on Camí Vell D'Altea, #40. This Rastro, also known as 'Rastro Albir Multi Services', buys and sells furniture. The items on offer are varied and usually of good quality.

In addition to buying and selling furniture, Rastro Albir offers a variety of other services that can be useful. They offer a professional moving service (both small jobs and entire households), construction projects, gardening, maintenance of swimming pools and painting houses to name a few.

If you are in the area and like to browse secondhand shops, we definitely recommend taking a look at Rastro Albir. After all, you never know what you will encounter here.

Summer Craft Market

During the summer months you will find a craft market with handicrafts, art and souvenirs at the end of Albir’s promenade. This lively market usually consists of about 20 stalls. If you walk a little further, you will also find a small night market. You will find both of these markets during the summer months of July and August.

These markets are a great opportunity to stroll around and enjoy the summer atmosphere. Have a chat with the vendors or other visitors. Take a look around and be amazed at the variety of handmade products on offer; there are necklaces, earrings and other jewelry for sale, but also souvenirs, handbags and other types of art and creative things.

The vendors are friendly and accessible. The merchandise has no set price, so you're free to bargain and agree on a price that works for both you and the vendor. Do you happen to be here during one of the local cultural events? Even better! On those days there are often more stalls, more products, and more fun!

Cisne Rastro Market (On the border of Albir and Benidorm)

To get to this market, take the number 10 bus from Benidorm. You will see that the market has an array of plastic, wooden, and metallic items of top quality. They also have vintage clothes and jewellery, so you will definitely have something to buy. It is great to shop here, since they have all sorts of things you might be looking for.

The market is operational every day, so you can go there any time you want and take a look at the wide range of products that are exquisitely arranged. You will love the fact that the sellers are courteous and willing to help shoppers get the products they are looking for. What makes this rastro special is the quality of the items for sale. You will notice that though some items are costly, they are usually worth the money in terms of usability, durability, and aesthetic.

There are restaurants and bars around, so you can stop and grab a dish or drink as you wait to embark on this fabulous shopping experience. If you are going to shop here for the first time, take your time to explore the whole market.


Although Albir is not a big city, it is one of the most interesting places in Spain. During your stay here, you can purchase quality products or simply have fun browsing the markets and shops in the area. The places we have mentioned above are just a few of the many shopping points to explore in Albir.

The Albir area is also ideal for eating out or stopping for a refreshing drink; there are numerous restaurants and bars within easy reach of the markets. You can find local specialties as well as international restaurants here, and we recommend trying out as many as possible! In Albir you can fully enjoy the best that Spain has to offer. The beautiful beaches, tasty restaurants and varied markets make this a very special place.

Hiking trails for walking in Albir

Walking and Hiking Trails in Albir

Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in Albir. It’s a free activity that can be enjoyed by all of the family. Spring and Autumn are ideal months for long walks near the coast. There is a choice of walking trails in the Albir area, one of them is an easy route, perfect for people with limited mobility and it’s suitable for wheelchair users and child buggies too. Other trails are more challenging requiring a higher level of fitness and proper footwear.

Hiking in the spectacular Sierra Helada gives you breath-taking views across the sea, Benidorm, and the mountains of Sierra Bernia. With valleys, peaks, wild grasses and pine trees to see, why not get outside and become immersed in the natural world of Albir.

Lighthouse Trail Albir

L'Albir Lighthouse Trail

The Albir Lighthouse Trail is a gentle hike that has several stunning viewpoints along the route. Benches at many of the stopping areas provide a picturesque place to rest while looking across the Bay of Altea. At the top of the slow climb is the pretty, white lighthouse perched on the rocks.

The entrance to this walking trail can be found at the information point of the Sierra Helada natural park. Along the trail are a number of information boards displaying interesting facts about the area. Not far from the entrance is a picnic area with tables. The paths are well made in tarmac making accessibility for wheelchairs and buggies manageable – but it is a gradual climb so it could become challenging towards the top. Children enjoy the facilities here and it’s a safe environment for them with no cars to look out for.

The trail is 2.5km long one way, so it's around 5km up and back. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the route depending on walking speed. Parking spaces are available at the entrance to the nature park although the car park can fill up on the weekend. The Albir Lighthouse Trail is popular with cyclists, but they should always give pedestrians priority. Cycle racks can be found at some of the resting points. The coordinates are 38 ° 34'05 '' N 0 ° 3'47 '' W.

Walking and hiking trail upto sierra Helada Lighthouse – Aerials

Albir - Sierra Helada - Ochre mine - Boca de la Ballena - Lighthouse – Aerials

The hike to the aerials/antennae is somewhat challenging with steep sections and areas of loose stones. It’s described as a moderately difficult walking route. From the aerials, you have incredible views across Albir. On the way up to the aerials, you go past an abandoned ochre mine and a cave (Boca de la Ballena), plus there are viewpoints across Albir to enjoy as well.

To climb to the aerials, enter the Sierra Helada natural park by the information point in the same way as the Albir Lighthouse Trail. Walk the tarmac path past the picnic area, and then a large information board with a map comes into view. Take the right-hand path which starts the climb uphill. When you reach the disused mine, you’ll find an information board describing a little of its history. As you walk further along the trail you’ll find that the path becomes rocky and narrower as you get closer to the top. This trail is not for anyone with mobility issues.

The trail is approximately 7km long in total. Expect the walk to take 2 to 3 hours. Parking for the natural park is available but it gets busy at weekends. The coordinates are 38 ° 34'05 '' N 0 ° 3'47 '' W.

Hiking in Albir

Albir - Sierra Helada – To Comb Sierra Helada

This hiking trail is a circular route that has several challenges and takes walkers from Albir to the Comb Serra Gelada 963 feet above sea level. Along the way, the paths cross through ornate grasses, narrow rocky areas, and pine trees. A climb to the top of Alt de Governador is part of the route on the return leg of the hike.

To follow the route, start at the car park at the information point to the natural park in Albir, the Sierra Helada. A walk through residential streets takes you past the SHA Wellness clinic where a path used by joggers and dog walkers begins. Following the path, you climb and descend 5 times with tall grass and pine trees on either side. At the ridge, you are rewarded with views over Benidorm and across the sea. You will follow the white/yellow marked trail on your return to the car park. At some points, the path is along the cliff-top at the lower edge of the natural park.

This route is almost 11 km in total and covers some rough ground so proper hiking footwear is advised. It’s described as moderate to difficult. It will take 4 to 5 hours to complete – take a supply of drinking water.

Sierra Helanda 7-peaks

Albir - 7 Peaks of the Sierra Helada

This trail covers the 7 peaks of the Serra Helada natural park. It’s a challenging route that takes you from Albir to Benidorm. The strenuous climbs to each peak are rewarded with numerous fantastic viewpoints.

To start in Albir, enter the natural park at the information point and walk past the picnic area. At the information board displaying the map, take the right-hand path that leads uphill to the antennae. There is a marked path that continues all the way to the Cross in Benidorm (cruz de Benidorm). You will scale the Alt de Governador, Alt de la Montera and the Cruz de Benidorm along the way. Parts of the walk are along the cliff edge providing breath-taking views across the sea. The path is very narrow and rocky with some loose stones in places so adequate walking footwear is essential. The trail is a one-way route which means you have to arrange transport at the end to get you back to the beginning. Many prefer the walk in the opposite direction – starting at the Cross in Benidorm and finishing in Albir.

The 7 peaks of Albir trail is around 11km long. It is described as a difficult route that takes 4.5 to 5.5 hours to complete depending on your pace. It’s a popular hike so you will other walkers in the area. Remember to take plenty of drinking water with you.

Forat de Bèrnia – Fort de Bernia Loop

Bernia Fort is a 17th-century military building located in the Serra de Bernia which is inland and to the north of Albir. The loop is a circular walking route that takes in ruins, caves, a tunnel, a ridge, and pine trees.

There is a car park at the starting point of the trail, found along a narrow road. There is more than one way you can explore the area, but a loop trail around the ridge takes in all the great sites in the area. An information board provides some facts about the old ruins and why they were built. A messenger tunnel has been carved into the mountainside – this can be accessed but it gets very narrow as it gets deeper. A climb to the ridge is an option you can add to the hike if you like a challenge with spectacular views.

The path is mostly in good condition and constructed from crushed stone, but some parts are loose underfoot. It is described as an intermediate walking trail. In total, the loop takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete. The walk is roughly 9.4km long and requires a good level of fitness. Bring your own drinking water. The coordinates are 38° 39′ 39.96″ N, 0° 3′ 43.92″ W.

Important Phone Numbers - Albir

You have clearly come to Albir to relax and have a great time; and knowing that you are prepared for any situation might help you do just that. If you do happen to come to need some of the local emergency facilities, it helps to know that all of the important information you need can be found right here.

Consuls represent their home country overseas and are available to help their citizens when they are away from home. Consul services include assistance with passports, visas and legal difficulties. If you believe you require a consul in Albir, you’ll find the nearest is located in Benidorm. In Benidorm, there is a German, British, Dutch, Belgian, Norwegian, Icelandic and Finnish consulate. See ‘Important phone numbers – Benidorm’ for consulate contact details.

Scroll down for phone numbers that can come in handy during your stay in Albir.

Important Phone Numbers

Country code Spain: +34

Emergencies (Police, Ambulance, Fire): 112 / 085
Medical emergency number: 061 (ambulance service / life-threatening situations)

Ambulance (Ambulancia): 96 584 31 83
Fire Brigade (Bomberos): 085
Guardia Civil - Altea (Civil Guard - Altea): 96 584 05 25
Local Police (Policia Local): 96 588 71 00/96 588 72 00

Town Hall (Ayuntamiento): 96 588 82 65/96 588 83 93 (C/ Les Escoles)
Community Centre (Casa Cultura): 96 588 94 23/96 588 94 24 (Avda. dels Esports)
Municipal Sports Centre (Polideportivo Municipal): 96 588 95 15

Hospital Comarcal – Villajoyosa (Hospital Comarcal - La Vila): 96 685 98 00
Health Centre (Centro de Salud): 96 588 98 94 (Plaza de Juan Carlos I)

Retirement Home (Hogar del Pensionista): 96 588 88 14
Social Services (Servicios Sociales): 96 588 73 28

Animal Shelter (Auxilio Animales): 96 588 71 16

Post Office - Town Centre (Correos): 96 588 94 95
Post Office - Albir Beach (Correos): 96 686 73 54 (Cami de les Coves)

Justice of the Peace (Juzgado de Paz): 96 588 71 31

SUMA (tax services): 96 588 79 25

Church (Iglesia): 96 588 82 84
Iglesia Noruega de l’Albir (Norwegian Church): 96 686 74 74

OMIC (Municipal Consumer Information Office): 96 588 85 29
Aquagest (Water Board): 96 588 91 02

Radio Alfaz (Radio): 96 588 94 30

Radio Taxi (Taxis): 96 681 00 10/96 680 10 00
Taxis Parada (Taxi Rank - Town Centre): 96 588 82 90
Taxis Parada (Taxi Rank - Albir Beach): 96 686 65 41

Tourist Info - l'Alfaz: 96 588 89 05
Tourist Info - Albir Beach: 96 686 70 22

24-hour Pharmacies

If you require medical advice or over-the-counter medication at any time of the day and night, Albir has several 24-hour pharmacies offering the help you need. Before you go in search of a 24-hour pharmacy, check where your nearest one is by searching for 'Farmacia 24 Horas Albir' using Google Maps.

Pharmacies in Spain are available to offer guidance if you feel unwell, as well as being able to suggest and sell the best medical treatment. There is no need to make an appointment. They also fill prescriptions and sell general toiletries as well.

Emergency Vet and Veterinarians

If your pet needs urgent treatment, contact an emergency vet in Albir. The country-wide emergency number 112 cannot be used for animals, you must get in touch with a vet – search the internet using the Spanish term ‘veterinario urgencias’. Hopefully, most visitors will never need an emergency vet, but if your dog or cat does suffer from sickness or an accident, it’s important to know where to go in Albir.

The majority of local vets take all the major credit cards, but it’s a good idea to make sure first by calling before you arrive. These veterinarians also handle other things, such as vaccinations, checkups and they can inform you on the paperwork needed if you’re thinking of bringing an animal from Spain home with you.

Qalivet Veterinarios Veterinary Surgeons
Address: Carrer Serra Gelada, 66, ed. 1, local 3 bajo, 03530 Nou Espai I, Alicante
Tel: 966 87 36 58
Website: http://qalivet.com/

Clínica Veterinaria Playalbir
Address: Carrer Narciso Yepes, 5, 03581 L'Albir, Alicante
Tel: 966 86 64 34
Website: https://www.clinicaplayalbir.com/

Clínica Veterinaria El Valle
Address: C, Camí Vell d'Altea, 33, Local 3, 03581 L'Albir, Alicante
Tel: 965 88 73 58
Appointments: veterinariaelvalle.es

Vetmóvil Albir
Address: Camí de la Mar, 95, 03580 l'Alfàs del Pi, Alicante
Tel: 622 25 55 41
Website: http://www.vetmovilalbir.es/

Tow Trucks in Albir

For a breakdown truck in Albir, you’ll need to call a company from Benidorm. In Spain, regular cars are not permitted to tow another car on the public roads, you must get a registered and licensed recovery vehicle to do this. The Spanish term is ‘Grúa’ if you are searching for the nearest tow truck to Albir. A Grúa can recover all types of vehicles, from small cars to SUVs. Before calling a breakdown truck company, it’s a good idea to read your insurance or rental car documents so you understand the limitations of your cover.

Grua Benidorm:
Assagador de Ricardo, Nº58, 03503 Benidorm
Tel: 966804115
Website: https://www.oragruabenidorm.es/grua/localize-su-vehiculo/

Reale Seguros
Tel: 902 365 240

Tel: 911 123 443

Tel: 902 448 844

Things To Do in Albir

Albir is a small beach town situated about a 12-minute drive from Benidorm, where there are lots of things to do and see. But there is no need to go far for a choice of days and evenings out, there is plenty to do in Albir itself. The wide beach and the pretty boulevard at the back of the pebbles offer lots of space to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. The stunning Serra Gelada natural park is on the doorstep, perfect for walks, picnics and horse riding excursions. Bars and restaurants offer a choice of places to eat and drink, and there is a yoga studio with a range of different classes, plus a massage centre for healing treatments.

Albir has a quieter pace of life, there are no nightclubs and theme parks, but it offers things to do that are gentler in character, providing a nice relaxing break. For inspiration on how to spend your time while here, take a look at our list of the best things to do in Albir:

Natural Park Serra Gelada

This magnificent natural park stretches across the regions of Altea, Alfaz del Pi and Benidorm. It’s a 5,600-hectare area of protected coastline and it is of geographical importance. Visitors come here to spend time in nature throughout the year and enjoy amazing views, caves, ruins, birds and wildlife. Diving and snorkelling along this coastline are popular pastimes. Small islets just off the shore attract marine life of all kinds amongst the underwater grasses.

Hiking is keenly enjoyed at Serra Gelada with different routes of varying lengths to follow. The Red Route is easier and is 2.5km long taking in the Albir Lighthouse and the ruins of the Bombarda Tower. For something more challenging, the Yellow Route takes about 4 hours and covers 8.5km from the lighthouse to the Cross at Benidorm. There are rock formations, sand dunes, fossils, wild grass and peaks of 439m to discover as you hike here. Check out the tab ‘Hiking trails in Albir’ for more details.

Access to Serra Gelada is free. There is an information office near the car park in Albir along with public toilet facilities. Staff is available during office open hours; 9 am to 1 pm Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 1.30 pm in the weekend. Always take drinking water with you and wear practical footwear as the terrain is rocky.

Playa Albir

he blue flag beach at Albir is approximately 600 meters in length and is pebbly with plenty of space. During the busy summer months, lifeguards are on duty here. The water is clear in Albir, and it gets deep quickly. A safe swimming area is clearly marked. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be hired for a reasonable fee.

Along the back of the beach runs a wide promenade area with palm trees and some seating. In the evenings, market stalls open selling local items along this walkway and occasionally live music is performed on an outdoor stage. A volleyball court is available as well.

Public toilets are available on the boulevard and there are 2 children’s play areas. Parking nearby can get tricky in the weekends and during holidays.

Baixa Brewing Company

Baixa Brewing Company is a microbrewery located one street back from the beach in Albir. This place is well known for its real ales. Miguel, the owner, knows a lot about beer and brewing, and he is always around to share his experience. The pub is small in size, but you can get interesting craft beer on draught and a selection of bottled and canned drinks too. There is also a takeaway service if you want to drink your favorite at home.

Opening hours:
Wednesday and Thursday, 12:00 – 15:00 & 16:00 – 22:00
Friday, 16:00 -23:00
Saturday, 12:00 - 15:00 & 16:00 -23:00
Sunday, 12:00 – 15:00 & 16:00 – 20:00

Contact information:
Avenida Oscar Esplá 16, 03581, Albir

Tel: +34 966 58 05 03
Email: miguel@baixabeer.es
Website: https://www.facebook.com/baixabeer/

Hipica Sierra Helada

This horse riding school can be found in the natural park of Sierra Helada; it offers excursions into the mountains, group lessons, individual lessons and birthday parties. There is something for every age group - from young children and up. These are relaxed and friendly stables that are neat, tidy and a home to some beautifully cared-for horses. This is a great way to see the area in small groups of around 8 people. Beginners are welcome. Children under 5 years old must have a guardian on foot. From ages 6 to 10, a guardian must be in the group riding.

Make sure you dress appropriately - wear long trousers and closed shoes (no flip flops). Riding hats are supplied. A pickup service is available from Albir.

Opening Hours:
Monday through Thursday, 11:00 -14:00 & 17:00 – 23:00
Friday & Saturday, 11:00 – 14:00 & 17:00 -01:00

Contact Information:
Rancho Sierra Helada- Camino del Repetidor nº 5, 03581, El Albir

Tel: +34 693 01 23 99
Email: hipica.sierrahelada@gmail.com
Website: https://hipicasierrahelada.com/

Golf Albir

The Club de Golf L’Alfas Albir is a members club that organizes tournaments and social evenings. They also arrange charity events and games. It was established in 2003 and aims to create affordable golf with a smaller number of participants. At Christmas time, there is a get-together and during other holidays they have dinner and dancing events.

Contact Information:

Tel: +34 676704939
Website: https://www.facebook.com/clubalbirgolf/

Monkey Rent Albir

Monkey Rent in Albir has an exciting range of unusual vehicles for hire. Electric scooters, electric bikes and Segways are just some of the fun items you can rent. There are also mountain bikes, paddleboards, jet skis and motorcycles available. Book the equipment for one hour, two or three hours, or a whole day at a time, it’s up to you. A small deposit is required for each vehicle hired.

Contact Information:
Bulevard de los Music0s, 23, local 4A, 03581 Albir

Tel: +34 865 60 57 39
Email: albir@monkeyrent.es
Website: www.monkeyrent.es/

Thai Massages

The Royal Thai Massage centre offers a professional menu of beauty services for relaxation and health. The staff is authentically Thai and certified in their practices. Along with traditional massage, they provide the choice of ayurvedic massage, reflexology, sports massage and shoulder, neck with a head massage. There is also the option to have a hot stone treatment, a foot spa or a hand spa as well. In the small shop, customers can purchase ointments and oils for non-medical treatment.

Equipment is carefully sanitized and the massage tables are disinfected for clients’ safety. Customers are required to wear appropriate undergarments during all treatments. Disabled access, parking and drinking water are available here.

Opening Hours:
Daily, from 10:00 – 21:00

Contact Information:
Av/Albir 50, El Albir, 03581

Tel: +34 96506 5346
Email: thaimassagealbir@gmail.com
Website: www.thaimassagealbir.com/

Shakti Health Club and Yoga Studio

Discover yourself at Shakti – this place looks after your body, mind and spirit. With a huge choice of classes such as Ashtanga yoga, aerial yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, kickboxing, belly dancing and Pilates there is something for everyone here. The schedule for classes is on the website. You can also book a Thai, Chinese or Japanese massage, facial, manicure or pedicure in their beauty treatment rooms.

If you are looking for healthy food options, their restaurant/café serves Thai dishes and beverages. There is also a shop for yoga wear, t-shirts and books on natural health. Shakti can be found around 300 meters back from the beach along the Calle J.S. Bach. The building has a Thai inspired theme which is calming and a real pleasure to spend time in.

Opening Hours (for the café):
Sunday & Monday, 12:00 - 16:00 & 19:00 – 00:00
Tuesday through Saturday, 12:00 – 00:00

Contact Information:
C/Juan Sebastian Bach 5, Albir

Tel: +34 966 868 409
Email: info@shaktialbir.com
Website: shaktialbir.com/

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